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New Messages Humans are not to blame for warming, , , , , , , National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 18 01/28/2023 08:02 PM
New Messages Paul Pelosi gets hammered National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 169 01/28/2023 07:21 PM
New Messages This is rather alarming. National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 20 01/28/2023 07:17 PM
New Messages "Novelty Wave" Surfing 8 01/28/2023 06:27 PM
New Messages Global Warming..... National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 52 01/28/2023 06:26 PM
New Messages Replyin' to myseh-elf National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 21 01/28/2023 05:22 PM
New Messages Floppin' after midnight.. National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 8 01/28/2023 05:19 PM
New Messages Zuck Bucks 2024: The Left Gears up to 'Fundamentally Change How Our Elections Are Run' National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 0 01/28/2023 04:13 PM
New Messages Time to clean up the SCOTUS National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 9 01/28/2023 03:41 PM
New Messages Fresh Mahogany "Short Deck" - 30 1/8" Long For Sale 0 01/28/2023 01:43 PM
New Messages "as bad as Rodney King assault" National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 9 01/28/2023 11:03 AM
New Messages Another savvy money move National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 11 01/28/2023 11:01 AM
New Messages The hunt is on National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 5 01/28/2023 10:59 AM
New Messages Taylor Swift - Lavender Haze (Official Music Video) FOOD ...........and Music 2 01/28/2023 10:49 AM
New Messages EDDIE IS A GO Surfing 15 01/28/2023 10:46 AM
New Messages Vintage 1968 Bing Vincent with Birth Certificate Surfing 10 01/28/2023 10:41 AM
New Messages Paul Pelosi sold Google shares prior to DOJ antitrust suit National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 28 01/28/2023 10:33 AM
New Messages Droopy palm leaves Central Florida Palm's Gardening Forum 4 01/28/2023 09:58 AM
New Messages Why Teslas keep catching on fire NPNR 1 01/28/2023 05:41 AM
New Messages Protests Get Violent in NYC's Times Square After Release of Tyre Nichols Video National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 1 01/28/2023 04:19 AM
New Messages the orange. jesus... National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 4 01/28/2023 12:34 AM
New Messages "George" Santos National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 54 01/28/2023 12:30 AM
New Messages FBI Official Linked to Russian Oligarch Charged With Taking $225,000 From Foreign Intelligence Operative National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 1 01/28/2023 12:07 AM
New Messages Project Veritas: Pfizer Director Claims the Company Is Mutating COVID-19 to Create New Vaccines National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 1 01/28/2023 12:06 AM
New Messages How It's Done: Ron DeSantis Visits Miami in 'Law and Order' Push, Gets 'Immediate Results' National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 1 01/28/2023 12:02 AM
New Messages Chuck Schumer Get Nailed for Lying by Twitter, Then Elon Joins In National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 1 01/28/2023 12:01 AM
New Messages Twitter Files #15 Blows up a Lot of Those 'Russian' Influence Claims From the Left National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 0 01/27/2023 11:55 PM
New Messages Huge Waves: Only One SURFER made it out Surfing 4 01/27/2023 08:18 PM
New Messages Report: Putin and Taliban Negotiating Sale of US Arms Left Behind by Biden in Afghanistan National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 3 01/27/2023 02:21 PM
New Messages FS - Cannibal Corevac Fishplate For Sale 0 01/27/2023 12:50 PM
New Messages More coming. National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 1 01/27/2023 08:44 AM
New Messages WATCH: Project Veritas Confronts Pfizer Director, and All Hell Breaks Loose National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 2 01/27/2023 08:36 AM
New Messages Shoot a Cop---get shot!! National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 24 01/27/2023 08:18 AM
New Messages Biden classified documents National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 235 01/27/2023 06:45 AM
New Messages More National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 29 01/27/2023 06:39 AM
New Messages McCarthy might have a math problem in blocking Omar from panel National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 11 01/27/2023 06:35 AM
New Messages Judge Rules that the San Francisco D.A. Must Make Paul Pelosi Attack Footage Public National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 1 01/27/2023 06:21 AM
New Messages John Kennedy rips Biden over GOP Medicare cut suggestion: 'Not even George Santos would' claim that.... National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 1 01/27/2023 06:19 AM
New Messages Edward Snowden May Be Polarizing, but His Take on the Classified Documents Scandal Is Hilarious National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 1 01/27/2023 06:18 AM
New Messages Truth Social National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 29 01/27/2023 06:10 AM
New Messages How did the genocide of indigenous Americans impact the health of planet Earth? NPNR 1 01/27/2023 12:52 AM
New Messages Failbook National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 9 01/26/2023 10:41 PM
New Messages George Santos may be illegitimate National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 13 01/26/2023 07:52 PM
New Messages Good news: More Dotards down the drain National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 12 01/26/2023 03:13 PM
New Messages Charges of Racketeering in Georgia? National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 14 01/26/2023 02:07 PM
New Messages Proud? National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 8 01/26/2023 12:36 PM
New Messages Starr LB For Sale 9'0 For Sale 0 01/26/2023 11:43 AM
New Messages Song of the South National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 58 01/26/2023 10:14 AM
New Messages DeSantis - full blown white supremacist. National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 3 01/26/2023 09:53 AM
New Messages oath keepers National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 17 01/26/2023 07:04 AM
New Messages Interesting. National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 16 01/26/2023 06:26 AM
New Messages Connecticut Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Allow Illegal Immigrants to Vote National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 2 01/26/2023 04:39 AM
New Messages Going Up! National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 40 01/25/2023 03:50 PM
New Messages Rhonda Santis National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 19 01/25/2023 03:48 PM
New Messages What progs do to people II. National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 3 01/25/2023 03:46 PM
New Messages CA Rep. Swalwell offers cryptic warning after getting booted from House Intel: 'more time on our hands' National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 0 01/25/2023 03:42 PM
New Messages Matt Gaetz National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 11 01/25/2023 03:39 PM
New Messages CW Theatres is playing "Ground Swell" this weekend Surfing 15 01/25/2023 03:20 PM
New Messages a weird blend of pushrod V-8 roar and George Jetson's Flying Car noise NPNR 1 01/25/2023 11:51 AM
New Messages A green comet is doing a fly-by of Earth NPNR 0 01/25/2023 10:29 AM
New Messages Wetsuit repairs For Sale 18 01/25/2023 09:18 AM
New Messages The PELOSI Act: Josh Hawley Introduces Bill Named After Former Speaker and It's Just Priceless National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 0 01/25/2023 08:39 AM
New Messages Thanks, Lockdowns: 295,000 Excess Deaths Reported in U.S. Since 2020 Were NOT Due to COVID National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 5 01/25/2023 08:24 AM
New Messages Shift incovid vaccination strategy. National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 20 01/25/2023 06:36 AM
New Messages EQB National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 33 01/24/2023 09:29 PM
New Messages Biden's 'Jim Crow 2.0' Lie About Georgia's Election Law Just Got Shredded to Pieces National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 6 01/24/2023 08:08 PM
New Messages Heros FOOD ...........and Music 7 01/24/2023 06:11 PM
New Messages ELVIS COSTELLO FOOD ...........and Music 1 01/24/2023 04:46 PM
New Messages Car-size laser deflects lightning atop a mountain in Switzerland NPNR 5 01/24/2023 02:06 PM
New Messages A Mind-Blowing Technique for Cleaning Deep-Fry Oil Using Gelatin FOOD ...........and Music 1 01/24/2023 11:36 AM
New Messages the latest research on fast cars NPNR 3 01/24/2023 09:11 AM
New Messages Desktop Dotard Down National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 2 01/24/2023 06:37 AM
New Messages California Democrats consider wealth tax - including for people who moved out of state National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 1 01/24/2023 06:24 AM
New Messages Drumpf loses again... National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 10 01/24/2023 06:22 AM
New Messages The Meadows Texts National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 21 01/23/2023 03:05 PM
New Messages PMs from Lyin' Fish National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 38 01/23/2023 02:03 PM
New Messages Hello, This is NSR Flop Support. National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 5 01/23/2023 01:57 PM
New Messages Biden Docs: FBI search that uncovered latest batch of classified documents National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 5 01/23/2023 01:54 PM
New Messages DOJ Throws WH Under the Bus Over Their Refusal to Answer Questions on Classified Docs Scandal National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 2 01/23/2023 01:12 PM
New Messages Biden's Defenders Are Running out of Excuses for His Criminality National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 2 01/23/2023 01:09 PM
New Messages FBI Official Who Investigated Trump for Russian Collusion Gets Arrested for Russian Collusion National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 0 01/23/2023 11:45 AM
New Messages Dementia Joe'sAmerica. National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 2 01/23/2023 11:30 AM
New Messages Lost California Twin 6'6 For Sale 4 01/23/2023 10:55 AM
New Messages Re-edits: old, fresh, and revived photos Nice Shot 92 01/23/2023 10:41 AM
New Messages How a sand battery could transform clean energy NPNR 5 01/23/2023 10:39 AM
New Messages Los Angeles hit-and-run driver who plowed into mom and baby in stolen car is murdered after light sentence National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 3 01/23/2023 08:32 AM
New Messages Another R&R icon has left this mortal coil FOOD ...........and Music 7 01/23/2023 08:16 AM
New Messages NFL Playoff hunt NPNR 35 01/23/2023 08:06 AM
New Messages Mal-a-lameo National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 14 01/23/2023 06:57 AM
New Messages Fox "news" National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 15 01/23/2023 06:54 AM
New Messages Frisson: NPNR 8 01/23/2023 06:42 AM
New Messages What progs do to people. National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 0 01/23/2023 06:33 AM
New Messages GMC National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 22 01/23/2023 06:12 AM
New Messages More Fun from the "Man" of a Thousand Faces National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 7 01/23/2023 06:04 AM
New Messages Scientists Make Major Breakthrough In Sustainable Hydrogen Production National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 33 01/23/2023 01:13 AM
New Messages WH Loses It Over the Classified Documents, Makes a Huge Gaffe About Kamala Harris National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 1 01/23/2023 12:19 AM
New Messages Former Recon Marine Lays out Biden Administration's Lies About Americans Abandoned in Afghanistan National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 1 01/23/2023 12:17 AM
New Messages Biden Docs: FBI search that uncovered latest batch of classified documents National Enquirer (FORMERLY NSR) 7 01/22/2023 03:38 PM
New Messages A death in southern California Surfing 3 01/22/2023 12:11 PM
New Messages Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Official Video) FOOD ...........and Music 4 01/22/2023 08:18 AM
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