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Created On: 02/20/2022 07:51 AM
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 02/20/2022 07:51 AM
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1."Someone said to me we don't need farmers because we have grocery stores. We live in a rural area."

2."A friend of mine asked me why we didn't see stars when we flew over them. She truly believed that when you were flying on an airplane, you flew over the stars. I was speechless."

3."The dumbest thing I heard was that the Golden Gate Bridge connects North America and Europe."

4."A guy asked me if Hitler was before or after World War II. We are both native Germans."

5."A supervisor told me, 'You can only get sick if you want to be sick.'"

6."Someone once said that they couldn't wait for Halloween to fall on Friday the 13th."

7."Last month a coworker asked if I'll run out of blood eventually because I donate every couple months. He's 34 years old."

8."Some guy on a discord server insisted Pakistan is in Africa; I told him that Pakistan is in Asia, and he called me racist and had a little rant."

9."This man said, 'Isn't it amazing how dogs just come out knowing commands like sit and lay down?' He was stone-cold serious."

10."I was talking to the cashier at a 24-hour Tesco's at about 1 in the morning, and he said, 'I don't mind working nights because I'm a necrophile.' I said, 'Do you mean nocturnal?'"

11."The dumbest thing I heard was, 'I don't know if an egg is a fruit or a vegetable.'"

12."My husband's mom is very ignorant and known to say really stupid things. Most recently we were in Italy, and she asked why they don't just tear down the Colosseum because it looked so old."

13."After I told my college suitemate that I was taking Spanish courses, she said, 'I don't mean to stereotype, but you look too white to speak Spanish.'"

14."I'm from New Mexico and was once told that my English is excellent."

15."I told someone, 'I'm studying physics at uni,' and he said, 'Oh cool! Like ESP, mind over matter stuff?' He seemed disappointed when I said no."

16."A friend of mine traveled to the US with her family when she was younger. Upon hearing her family's accent, an American asked, 'Where are you guys from?' The answer was Australia, and that person confidently responded with, 'Ah, which state is that?'"

17."I heard someone say, 'I thought windmills cool down the Earth to stop global warming.'"

18."I was told that if I did some breathing exercises for six months and then checked my blood sugar, my Type 1 diabetes would just disappear."

19."The dumbest thing I heard was that genes go with gender. If the father has blue eyes, and the mother brown eyes, the kid will have blue eyes if they're male and brown eyes if they're female."

20."'Tigers are girl lions!' Said by my 40-year-old ex-boyfriend who is a nuclear engineer."

21."I'm a skydiver. I once had a woman ask me if the plane stops for us to get out."

22."Someone said to me, 'Oh you're studying computer science - you must be playin' a lot of games. Oh, lucky you!'"

23."'You can only get AIDs from butt stuff.' This was from a guy who thinks pulling out is a good method of contraception and never uses condoms."

24."I was in year eight of school and a guy in my year asked my sister, who was in year 12, if she was my twin. Like bro, I can't have a twin four years older than me."

25."I mentioned Martin Luther King to my friend, and she said, 'Is he a boxer?'"

26."Someone said, 'You shouldn't drink carbonated water; it's full of carbs!' I'm rarely at a loss for words, but I almost lost brain cells when I heard that."

27."My mom said that what was causing her computer problems was Mercury in retrograde."

28."When I was doing tech support, a woman asked, 'How do I type the upside down i?' I said, 'Ma'am, that's an exclamation mark.'"

29."My aunt only got one of her twins tested for COVID because she said, 'They're twins.'"

30."Someone asked me, 'Mike Tyson? Isn't he the guy who made the chicken nuggets?'"

31."Someone asked me, 'Are you right-handed or left-handed?' I only have one arm!"

32."When asked which way was north, I witnessed someone point up at the sky."

33."When I was in high school, a girl told me she thought that Mount Rushmore was only in Phineas and Ferb."

34."My brother's wife is a pharmacist. A friend introduced him to his fiancé, and upon hearing my brother's wife was a pharmacist, she went with, 'Oh cool, I've never known anyone who worked on a farm before.'"

35."While out hiking, I passed a group of girls who had stopped, and I overheard one saying to the others, 'I thought bats weren't real. Just like witches and goblins, like just fake spooky Halloween stuff.'"

36."My girlfriend and I went to a gift shop where they were giving out free samples of fudge. After eating the samples, I bought a hat. We went through the front door, and the security sensors went off as they forgot to take off the security tag on the hat. My girlfriend looks at me and says, 'Oh thank god. I thought it was the fudge that we ate."

37."My mom's birthday is February 17, and an old family friend asked her, 'Does your birthday ever fall on Valentine's Day?' It took us over an hour to explain how that's not possible, and she was still confused by the end of it."

38."A girl in my high school (she was 17 at the time) firmly believed that bunnies lay eggs, citing Easter as her proof."

39."In school, my lab partner once asked if you got a perm while pregnant, would your baby have naturally curly hair."

40."My ex-husband once asked me very seriously, 'Who wrote The Diary of Anne Frank?' He didn't understand my reaction when I said 'It was a real diary.' It took like 10 minutes for him to understand."

41."I used to work at Chick-Fil-A, and someone literally asked me for Arby's sauce."

42."This woman said that kidneys were a reproductive organ... She was dead serious."

43."Someone I worked with a couple of years ago said she didn't think she could be a vegetarian because she didn't like turkey bacon."

44."I had someone ask me what the number for 911 was."

45."Someone once asked me if the Morse code tattoo on my left hand was written in Braille."

46."A guy in junior high asked me if girls could remove their breasts to sleep...and he was completely serious."

47."I once overheard someone ask, 'Is Boston a city or a state?' This person was a freshman in college."

48."A friend of mine honestly thought that color was invented and the paintings made before like 1990 were redone in color."

49."My high school psychology teacher insisted a PhD stood for a 'physical degree,' when I had said it was a doctorate of philosophy."

50."A guy insisted that a penis has a bone...a GUY...who has a penis..."

51.And, "This guy in my science class (not even health class and in 11th grade) asked if a baby could be conceived while giving head. The teacher had to pull him out to the hallway and explain that that isn't how it works."

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