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Topic Title: Jim Phillips
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Created On: 10/22/2020 05:18 AM
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 10/22/2020 05:18 AM
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Jim had a heart attack!!!! Jim's comments taken from jamboards.com: https://jamboards.com/threads/...ging-and-surfing.9032/

shapewright, Oct 8, 2020
This past week was an eye opener for me, an 8 day trip to the sand bottomed southern points in Mexico.
As a 3 time US shortboard champion I expected to be rusty after only getting in the water 5-6 times since last summer.
Doldrums surf, no kelp, morning and evening high tides, the outbreak, red tide, financial uncertainty.
That said, the breaks were beyond my physical ability at this time, sucking up take offs faster than I could catch and get to my feet.
These were NOT longboard waves, I brought a new 6'1" and got so winded trying to paddle out through overhead dumpers, I wasn't ashamed, but could see the, use it or lose it message.
I eventually got some waves, but got thumped, mugged and raped as a Reminder I'm 74 years old and in Damn good shape.

shapewright, Oct 12, 2020
Well guys, here I am in Scrips Encinitas, had a heart attack last night, I knew the hard breathing wasn't a good sign while surfing last week.
I couldn't get comfortable last night, my upper back and chest kept throbbing, I had made an appointment for today with my doc, didn't get to see him

shapewright, Oct 13, 2020
Thanks for all the well wishing.
I'm in Scrips Encinitas, getting released tomorrow.
Had 2 constricted arteries, got 3 stents in the 2 arteries, cholesterol was not good, BP good, but the echocardiogram showed no damage to the heart muscle.
The worst part was I couldn't pee, catheterized me 3 times and finally installed a Foley catheter, that drained 2 liters of urine.
I slept through the night after that.
I had booked a Drs. Appointment for Monday morning, didn't make it.
I asked the doctor if I could walk over to the factory and finish Sunday's shape, he was less than amused.
My wife said, no more 7 days a week working

shapewright, Oct 14, 2020
I'll tell yah, the care and staff at the Encinitas Scrips, was so involved with the patients, I don't see how I could have received any better compassion.
I'm home laid out in my bed, Foley catheter in until Monday, I could go without a length of Chevy fuel line threaded through 2 feet of man tubing, but when they hit gold I almost passed out from the sheer relief. There was 2 liters in the collection bag, I fell asleep in a minute and a half for the night.
I have to get the go ahead to shape, because of them sliding stents in the right arms suicide vein. Tear that and bleed out before finishing calling 911.
Thank you Scrips

shapewright, Friday at 9:15 PM
"dingpatch said: ?
Too much Dirty Surfer Living at Gulf Station!?"

We know if I was living the life of Gulf BeAch or Lums Bums, I'd been worm food decades ago.
It's probably counting on 2 hands the guys in those crews that died young long ago.
I renamed "Sea Gull Park" Jim's Reef, always smaller than second light, but you always got waves to your self.

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