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Topic Title: Fox News reports....
Topic Summary: Trump’s lawyers certified they turned over everything in June.
Created On: 08/13/2022 04:20 PM
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 08/15/2022 07:24 AM
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Think about it like this Tpap. Of your client was taking documents he believed he was entitled to after his authority as President was over, you have a problem. You ask why did he take them anyway? None of your business. It's not huge because your client still has clout and friends and can always get on a certain network that specializes in urgent infotainment with a side a victim revenge shit. So the people that track these things ask for their archived back. Your client, confusing the word "former" for "sitting" president, says he may or may not get around to it, but only if he feels like it and only in there's an opportunity in his busy busy schedule. This drags on and what's left of his crack team of litigators (kraken?) field the calls and tell your client this is serious and needs to be addresssed while it's still a little problem.

It's been more than a year since your client was president and his respect for the national Archives, the laws the classify information and the people that enforce them has never been lower. Your client receives a subpoena now. He is offended. After many back and forth s arguments with his own lawyers, he agrees to release the documents. Then, when the time comes, he tells his lawyers he never agreed to anything and that those docs are his because he says they are. The situation grows worse and now the lawyers have promised things their client will not deliver. The lawyers huddle and bring in others that they think have influence but only succeed in convincing the client that they are not fighters and get paid to cave in.

The heat gets turned up. The client seems to relish the fight in the belief that it will cast him in the constitutional light of a freedom fighter being persecuted by a corrupt federal agency that is run at the direction of the President himself. That will sell some adds and get his struggling Twitter light platform going. At that point, you give the feds some of archives. They asked for 15 boxes, they got 15 boxes. But the feds know what your client took and it's not there. They have the lawyers sign off that the boxes are all that remains of what was taken and there is nothing else. Sworn to. But of course there is.

The feds get a warrant. They specifically itemize items that were located in places prior to their theft and establish a chain of custody along with the items that were returned. They detail the previous location, the present location and their communications acknowledging their existence. The magistrate signs the warrant, the feds descend on the location and they retrieve another 15 boxes of documents of a very sensitive nature.

Your client seizes the opportunity and goes on friendly "news" shows announcing the death of democracy, the corruption of the FBI, weaponization of all law enforcement for political gain and his feelings were hurt too. But he doesn't release the warrant or the damning evidence list. The court of public opinion is seething with anger. One guy even gets himself killed attacking an FBI office. So the AG calls your client's bluff and moves to release the warrant and evidence list. You can't disagree with that Because even the court of public opinion knows there's two sides to every story. Lots of egg on lots of faces.

Your client tells you the response to float. We had it and all they had to was ask nicely for it back. That response gets fact checked and shot down with the previous subpoena. The wandering response will now be that the evidence was planted. This will by your client some time but ultimately the lawyers will explain what the chain of custody proves in times and places and it proves your client had the documents and took them. Next there will be a whataboutism about Obama. This is when you remember your client gets his "news" from fox and believes it the way children think wrestling is real because they see it with their own eyes.

The national Archives put that whataboutism to death with a precise headshot showing Barack Hussein Obama followed their protocol and the millions of documents he has threatened to digitize are held securely with armed guards. Now he has exhausted most of his excuses so last night, he asked for the documents back, as if he remains too stupid to know that he doesn't own them and cannot legally possess them. This also shoots down his planting evidence theory. He's now busted and he's never going to believe that there is no lifeline so if you tell him straight, you're fired. If you sugar coat it, you will be accused of malpractice and being a RINO mole. You can't leave him without substituting new counsel but no lawyer wants to be your client's 14th choice for this prom. All the good ones fled years ago. The B team is now a DC punchline and Rudy is disbarred.

Seems like there aren't too many options here.


"One of the reasons why propaganda tries to get you to hate government is because it's the one existing institution in which people can participate to some extent and constrain tyrannical unaccountable power." Noam Chomsky.

 08/15/2022 07:34 AM
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Fish Killer

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^^^your invented scenario is laughable (at best) and does not represent literally anything that actually happened.

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