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The Reid Report - Thursday: 1-2 feet.
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August 24, 2017
  Thursday: 1-2 feet.
Thursday: 1-2 feet.

Small uptick showing for Friday. Probably around 2-3 feet with offshore winds.

The low on top of South Florida looks to move up the coast the next few days. Hopefully the weather system kicks back a NE swell and doesn't hug the coast too much. Virtual buoy models show NE swell from this system by Tuesday and into Wednesday.

Models have this system winding up pretty tight off the coast of Hatteras and moving up to the Northeast. If this was November I would call it a Nor'easter as it looks like a classic one on the weather models. NHC says chance of tropical storm.

Weekend surf depends on what this system does to the local winds. The wind is hard to predict when the low is so close. We should see the typical SE trade wind swell coming in the weekend, but the local winds could be offshore/onshore/dead. Just have to wait and see real time.

Next update Saturday morning.

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    Posted By: David Reid @ 08/24/2017 05:38 AM Surf Forecast  

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