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The Reid Report - Wednesday: Building SE wind swell
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February 21, 2017
  Wednesday: Building SE wind swell
Wednesday: Building SE wind swell. 3-4 feet and choppy conditions.

A low pressure system looks to form in the Gulf and move over the State on Wednesday. Then it looks to move up the coast.

This system looks to pick up wind and storms over Central Florida on Wednesday. Surf should rapidly pick up with SE wind. Choppy conditions.

Looks like onshore wind on Thursday also. But, looks to veer from the NE. With a low pressure system so close local wind forecast is tough. Check the local wind reports. Maybe a brief period of offshore wind for Thursday.

Wind swell looks to last into Friday. Low looks to pull away. We should see swell into the weekend also. There is currently a strong low pressure system NE of Bermuda. This system looks to send in a faint and inconsistent long period swell.

Next update Thursday night.

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    Posted By: David Reid @ 02/21/2017 05:54 PM Surf Forecast  

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